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Megan Myles


Back In The Studio  

 Well I headed back to the studio tonight for the first times in months. I was kind of worried b/c I have been sick all week, but it went really well. I actually lost my voice on stage last week at the Hard Rock. Slightly embarrassing!!! After a sinus cocktail shot, some antibiotics and steroids I'm back in the game. The vocal chords are still struggling a bit but singing is good for congestion. Got started on… Read more


 I've been totally slacking on my blog. Ugh......It's so hard when I am managing all of my networkign sites myself. I do my best! Had to mention a show I have going on this weekend. BRISTERFEST 2013!!!!!! I'm so excited that I can't stand it! I'm not sure if it's b/c I am going to be a part of a big festival, if it's b/c of the location or the number of influential artists I have seen on the stage. Ahhhhh!!!! Philip.… Read more

And The Search Continues.... 

 For the past month I have been looking for new members. I never realized how hard this would all be. Things are completely different for a solo artist. I've got to find guys that are willing to make sacrafices like I am and that isn't easy! I need musicians that are as hungry as I am.......not "clock punchers!" 

"Live @ 9" appearance  I just wanted to share the following link with you guys in case you missed it. My first appearance on WREG "Live @ 9." I apparently made quite an impression on Alex and Mary Beth! 

Technology overload.... 

I look forward to the day that I have someone doing all of this technological stuff me. Lol. I have been trying so very hard to keep up with it all, but it has not been easy. I've learned over the past few days that you CANNOT take a break from the whole internet marketing side of things. It is far too easy to get behind. I made the mistake of putting it off and my "to do" list is steadily growing.… Read more

Glutton for Punishment 

 So much has been going on the past few months while I was trying to prepare for my release party that I have been slacking in this area, which is still no excuse. I most definitely need to talk to you guys about the party. It was beyond AMAZING! I couldn't have asked for a more perfect night!! The 1884 room in Minglewood Hall was packed. Everyone appeared to have a great time! I got a huge response from… Read more

The Big Release  

 So.....I am currently getting ready for my big release party at Minglewood Hall. I had no idea how much work goes into all of this. I have gained so much respect for other artists throughout this project. I feel so blessed to have tons of support from both friends and family. In the process of just promoting it as much as possible. At the last minute I have decided to ask some fellow artists to join me. I'm… Read more

Green isn't your color........ 

I've always wondered why so many people take pleasure in putting others down.? I have most definitely learned throughout the past two years that you have to have tough skin to make it in this industry. It hasnt been easy b/c those who know me can tell you I have a tendency to be overly sensitive. Lol. I've been working on it and I have come a long way. If I'm willing to work on mylsef so should everyone… Read more

First Show 

 I've sang with so many different groups around the city of Memphis and surrounding areas. Cover song after cover song!!! I never knew how great it would feel to finally be able to perform my own stuff. I'm preparing for a showcase I was asked to perform in at Hard Rock Cafe. There are actually tickets being sold to the event. Lol. I couldn't be more proud. It might sound silly, but it means the world to me. Who knew… Read more

Life after "The Voice"  

 So happy to have survived the stress of private auditions. It's hard to believe that my first thought, right after being rejected, was "I'm so glad that is over!" I have never been so stressed out and distracted in my life. Who knew that something I had no intention of doing in the first place would take over my life the way it did.? The weeks leading up to the auditions I could think of nothing… Read more

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